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Thomas Janak Interview

February 27, 2010

Thomas Janak

27 February 2010

AR Zone is happy that you have joined us today for discussion with Thomas Janak, a qualified Pet Psychologist and Holistic Animal Healer, Reiki Master / Practitioner, and “Unicorn Energy Healer”.

Thomas holds certificates of merit in “Wolf Studies” and “Flower Essences and Remedies” and certificates of academic excellence in “Wildlife Rehabilitation” and “Working with totem animals and allies”. Thomas also has a background in Metaphysics. Thomas Janak: “I specialize in animal communication and physical and spiritual healing. I am currently studying Canine Massage with the ICAT (UK). Over the years I have had the chance to work on numerous species from all sorts of rodents to lizards, goldfishes and even a traumatized Impala in Africa, although it is fair to say that I am most experienced with dogs and cats. Apart from actual healing I also see myself as an educator and am holding public talks frequently. I am fortunate enough to have worked with people from the age of 6 to 75 and of course with animals of all ages.” Thomas produces and hosts a weekly radio show, Wild Time, which aims to highlight the plight of animals and the environment.

ARZone: Thanks for being here, Thomas! I would like to ask you about your love for wolfs? New genetic testing results have recently revised the Indian and Himalayan Wolf subspecies status to that of a separate species. This type of testing is sure to continue to change some of the long standing ideas regarding the species and subspecies classifications of the wolf.

Thomas Janak:  You’re welcome, great to be here! I am sure in the future many of our beliefs will be flipped on the head by scientific findings when we talk about the wolf we are mainly talking about the family of Canidae and the order of canines and the subspecies of the grey wolf as well as the fox, the coyote and the chakal and of course the domesticated dog are all part of it so in short, yes, it doesnt surprise me that there r new findings having said that, it is clear that the dog has evolved /adapted from the wolf.

The Irish Green Party are in government coalition with a rightwing party. What do you think about people who think politicians are interested in animal rights-aren’t politicians really limited to messing around with animal welfare?

In my experience politicians are not about animal rights as this would likely mean peoples status for the animals and the abolition of their use
and since there are many indistries involved in animal abuse/use and those
individuals have considerable power politicians might be able to do a thing or
two but only regarding welfare, done!

Thomas, it seems you are moving more and more to animal rights and veganism (well done!!!).

What is your opinion on the PeTA-like group in Ireland ARAN ~ are you worried about the use of sexism and celebrity in the Irish movement?

Yes, I am moving rapidly away from animal welfare. In all honesty when I pitched for my radio show I knew that I couldn’t sell it as an
animal rights show and it worked! I have known ARAN for quite a few years
now and have reported on their activities for different stations and ARAN
founder John Carmody was on my show as well and yes I am concerned
about the use of sexism as a means to draw in the crowds. The last thing I want to see is Bono and the Edge singing “I still haven’t got what I am
looking for” – That said, John and his people have their hearts in the
right place and I hope they will find unique ways to get their points across.

I know you are called Doctor Doolittle because you talk to the animals. What do you say to the animals and what do the animals say to you?

Good question! In most cases I provide one on one work on traumatised animals, who convey mainly in images the stress they’re under and the disbelief that they r so misunderstood. My main message is to hang in there as it is at least a start that a guy like me, who isn’t a vet, is now being called and asked about their well being. In actual fact I have to talk more to the “owners” as they r the ones that don’t get it.

We have rescued 3 female dogs that were thrown in a garbage dump when they were one day old. They are now 2 years old. We got the first 2 dogs when they were 3 weeks old they were with a foster mom before this. When they were 6 weeks old I found out that one of other pups who had previously been spoken for was again homeless so I took her as well. The most dominate female occasionally decides to beat on the newest every few months making her cry. She also beats on her other sister and she doesn’t back down they are very hard to break up when they get into it. Is there some way we can get the dominate female to not beat on her sisters.

Well, just a quick question b4 I answer: Are they spayed/neutered?

Not yet they are scheduled in 4 days

O.k in essence, the alpha female can do that in order to re-assert her status over the pack. They are usually much calmer once they’re all spayed (hormones, you know) if one isn’t backing off there might be a change in the packing order, which very rarely escalates having said that, my advise would be for you to become the pack leader (unless they live away from you) because then you only have to use energy and a few sounds to make them understand who is boss the other option is to not take over the pack but become the so called “omega wolf”, who invites them to play when they’re about to escalate.

Oh, one more thing … there are good books about that out there

Thanks Thomas, It usually comes out of the blue. They play fine then just all of a sudden she lunges for one or the other.

What are your suggestions for books. I am in Canada

Honestly, it never comes out of the blue as dogs almost always give warning signs ~ usually a low growl one paw on top of the dog, that sort of thing havent got a title for you BUT there is a lot of books on behaviour and how to read them better and to intervene b4 things happen important is that you are calm and collected about it, other wise they will not listen to you.

They are signals I am missing. She did it today again just after coming in from playing outside didn’t seem to be a warning just went after her.

May I just say that usually we’re only starting to interfere when we’re getting frustarted about it and by then the game is already up.taking a deep breath and believing that this can be done is the first powerful step.

If we accept that wolves were domesticated to become dogs, and that adult wolves would not have been so gullible as to trust humans (whereas very young cubs may have been more trusting), do you think that wolf domestication happened by humans murdering some (probably many) wolf mothers to kidnap their cubs and then selectively breeding from the most compliant of orphan cubs?

Well, firstly, I wouldn’t accept that wolves were sort of domesticated to become dogs they had no say in it.

What I believe happened at some stage or another is that wolves adapted and probably protected human settlements as they were being fed some human animals must have understood that wolves are very clever otherwise they would have killed them all off it was a big mistake tho to take in cubs/puppies since their so called blueprint behaviour didn’t quite match the requirements put on them. One can see it today very clearl. I hear people blaming the dog (which has been altered in shape and form and size by men and thereby costing immense suffering for the animals) for not understanding what it is they want them to do instead of trying to mutually come to an understanding of some sort.

I do energy work in Ireland and am very interested to hear a daily method or practice for developing clear communication with my own horse. With
other individuals and collectives of animals, energy clearing relieves a lot of
pain and suffering but the most familiar animal remains the most mysterious. A lot of behaviour, preferences and responses are still hard to read even after
eleven years companionship.

O.k., here we go – it is very important to know at this stage that working with your own animal(s) will always be more difficult because one is simply too close, too attached in a way and ones own energy field (worrying for instance) will send a message to the animal that something may not be quite o.k. here. Animals mainly look for leaders and become very confused by their owner’s behaviour secondly horses are unique in that they are very, very spiritual and therefore easily get stressed and out of balance. Also, they r by nature prey animals and as such are not as responsive as predators one way of getting through is to use a mechanism whereby (visualisation) one assumes to be just another horse, trying to find out what’s wrong. This way they often bond well and open up. Don’t think this is too airy fairy – remember: Ever since people started using animal sounds and mimicry when working with animals they often have had a breakthrough.

I was wondering if you could share with us your experience in deciding to live a vegan lifestyle?

I’d love to. In essence, my work turned me vegan. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that working on a afarm animal and then going home and consuming one doesn’t make sense! But what made going vegan stick was a spiritual conversation with a cow. Once I met this beautiful being on a soul level I could never eat meat again. Thanks to the universe for this experience. Thinking about this actually makes me getting goosebumps

You study pet behaviour and must have seen lots of exploitative interaction between people and their animal property. Since animal rights would
end animal use, how do you deal with people wanting you to help them control their domesticates?

Good question … firstly, I don’t work with people that want to control their animals! I make it very clear that I don’t train their animals to do things so that the owner is happy owner’s have to be prepared to work with the situation and to understand that they’re always part of the problem! Like many human animals I have enjoyed and do enjoy the company
of animals but I don’t see them as pets but as friends that share the house and time with me this makes a big difference to me and all the beings I
work with. Especially from a shamanic point of view I don’t distinguish
between humans and animals, yet, of course have to acknowledge that their needs are different to mine and that many people will not see them the way I
see them.

Can an injured animal communicate to you about the pain they feel, and how they got hurt? How is it exactly that you are able to acquire this
information from an animal?’

There are quite a number of ways in which that can happen e.g. I can meet the animal as a healer in a spiritual conversation, and ask him/her (not it, never it!!!) to SHOW me where it hurts and often I get a sensation of where the pain is if it is physical or psychologicall for instance. Sometimes the animal becomes “hollow” and only shows the area of distress other times colours come in, relating to one of 7 energy fields (chakras) that all beings have and I can visualise the problem other times colours come in, relating to one of 7 energy fields (chakras) that all beings have and I can visualise the problem and sometimes all I ask of the animal is to allow me to enter its aura and feel the discomfort another great thing is the communication with an animal alive or passed on through a photograph all that is needed is a picture where the eyes can be clearly seen as I use them as an entrance point to the soul! bottom line is that one always has to ask permission before anything gets attempted!

i think you touched on it with your final answer, but i’d just like to confirm – before you do any communicating with an animal, do you ask for permission from the animal first? and do you do this telepathically or in what way?

Yes, either telepathically or by “sending in” my own power animals to ask on my behalf.

Your totem spirit animals?

No, my totem animal is the horse and as a totem it is mainly there to protect me and my extendedn family my “personal” companions are the wolf and the cheetah and they would do the honours.

Is this gift something you were born with or have you learned along the way?

Probably both. I surely have developed it much more since I actually took the time to study anatomy, physiology and shamanism having said that, I always had a thing or two going on between myself and animals spiritually.

How do you know what your totem animal is? Is it one that you resonate with??

Many animals resonate with me (and other people of course) and a so called power animal is an animal spirit or numerous ones that can stay with you for a while or for ever some just stay for a while because they have a message or a task that you need to be learning and they’re here for support. TOTEMS … historically belong to your own clan or family and feel quite different.

I do not feel the prescence of a deceased very close furchild…i usually do any possibilities why not?

When was the passing?

One year ago

O.k. the first thing that I get energetically here is possibly that one of the main issues in your life (and not only in yours believe me) is letting go! The other possibility of course is that you have to ground yourself in order to connect deeper.

Thank you. and i have been very off this past year so that is a good explanation

Which are the creatures you are able to communicate? In particular can you communicate also with ”small creatures”? Where is the border if any?

There is no limits re creatures, yet there are differences in the level of “fluent conversation/communication” depending on the circumstances e.g. energy on a given day, discomfort of the animal, how many others are around and so on.

Have you found them to have a collective consciousness?

Yes and no … even pack animals like humans or wolves tend to be following a certain energy yet they certainly are individuals. I noticed that bees for instance are no different in that respect.

Do you find it is harder to communicate with their human companions there.

In the present? Well, of course, humans are very difficult because they don’t listen well and are also easily embarrassed and conditioned,

Insects can be tricky because they often appear in large numbers and it can be difficult to single out an energy.

A little bit more provocative, but I am sure we have all experienced this type of questions (and we usually have good answers to them), but anyway just out of curiosity…what about plants? (I am just reading very interesting book by Hofstadter: I am strange loop (which recommend to all of you) he turned to veganism after writing this book. So my question is inspired by first few pages of that book. To be more precise the author draws a cone of consciousness (which he claims anyone of us uses in his/her mind) where the order is the following: atoms, viruses, microbes, mites, mosquitoes.

I see … that sounds like a biologist or ecologist trying to make sense of things I don’t work that way. I am a very emotional person and feel energy in trees, grass pr animals, so I have no hierarchy as such.

Yes, he is a logician (his most famous work is Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid)

I see, probably of Vulcan descent, haha … I am sure that logic is a good way to look at things, too – just not my thing!

I think most of us here are animal lovers, now for someone who can communicate with them would you see those who have to euthanize
for instance at a trying to think of the word, well at a less godly or spiritual state?

I know that in some cultures euthanisation is virtually unheard of and seen as a big intrusion and even as a challenge of the “big authorities” and I can only answer what I personal think! Here is my two cents then … I worked with vets for a few years and in an animal shelter as well and have seen my fair share of tragedies and euthanisations and in many cases I felt very sad but also reliefed, knowing that further suffering in the physical sense is no longer there. Here is what I think: My mother passed away in 2004 after battling cancer for three years, in the end weighing just about 30kgs/5 stone and she was in so much pain that she actually asked a number of times to be “picked up” and relieved. And often when I am there for this transformation (and I think thats what dying is) I feel peace and find comfort in knowing that euthanisation has prevented further suffering and in short I am pro choice be it for human animals or non human animals.

Thank you so much for sharing that personal story. I agree 100% choice should be available.

A week before my very good friend has passed away, he was a labrador and spent almost ten years with my family, I felt very strong energy inside my anahata chakra (I don’t know much about chakras) do you think this was related with him?

Matjaz, I can’t comment because I dont know what an anahata chakra is or where it is located BUT I know that we can absolutely tune in to changes in the energy field of a loved one. In my experience most people would feel it first in their solar plexis but then we are all different!! You’re all very welcome

He was in Slovenia and I was in France at that time. he had a cancer  and was suffering very much and was later euthanised. Ok, anahata chakra is close to the heart.

Where did you learn pet psychology and also how do you suggest we learn more about communicating with animals. I feel I do to some extent but want to improve it.

Good question! … Pet psychology can both be studied as a discipline in many colleges as well as online BUT, truth is, one has to have access to animals and one needs to spend time with them.  I also think that learning how to meditate and how to be still in oneself makes communicating with animals easier.

To be honest, the reason why I did wolf studies was because after studying pet psychology and noticing that vets often haven’t got a clue about how to connect on a behavioural level, I needed more answers than pet psychology alone could provide.

My dogs “walk all over me” but they also follow me around more than the rest of the family – what level am I in the hierarchy?

I meant what kind in the pack omega?

I have a lot of “time out” with my dog or dogs I work with, therefore my energy keeps shifting BUT it is important that besides all the play biting and so on one has to remain focussed and determined and keep that up so that the animals feel secure. Luckily, most dog owners are in charge trick is NOT to be dominant while in charge

Very interesting. What kind of training do vets get? They would study behaviour I presume?

Angela, vets just don’t get too deeply involved with the different layers of behaviour and emotional capacities of domesticated

To be honest, I read stuff like “Animal speak” by Ted Andrews because shamans by default see themselves as part of the web of life and not as a separate entity.

I am also on fb:

Thomas, you’ve been wonderful, thanks so much

Thank you for all your questions and interest in our animal kin!! Bye for now


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