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A Movement’s Means Creates Its Ends

June 6, 2011

[This is not an ARZone Interview, but a historical document, never before published on the internet, which ARZone is pleased to make available to animal rights advocates everywhere]

Point/Counter Point: A Movement’s Means Creates It’s Ends. Professors Regan and Francione advocate for abolitionist animal rights and Ingrid Newkirk responds.

Animals’ Agenda Magazine Jan/Feb 1992

Point Counterpoint: Professor Tom Regan, Professor Gary Francione and Ingrid Newkirk

In this historical document from 1992, Professors Regan and Francione explore the fundamental difference between the philosophy of animal welfare and the philosophy of animal rights. The issue of incremental change and whether the philosophy of abolitionism is divisive.

As a response, PeTA co-founder Ingrid Newkirk presents what Prof. Francione has described as a new welfarist approach, in other words, defends the idea that welfare + welfare + welfare equals animal rights.

This article first appeared in The Animals’ Agenda in January/February 1992, and has been reproduced with kind permission of:  The Animals’ Agenda and its succeeding organisation the Animals and Society Institute (

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